KDEC / LH5 Team

The OrmPS Team works in partnership with KDEC to provide an inclusive environment in which authentic, rich and powerful learning opportunities for deaf and hearing learners occur daily.

The KDEC educators work collaboratively with other OrmPS educators in order to design innovative, personalised learning experiences for our learners in the iExplore and iExperience learning blocks.

The KDEC team is also helping all of us learn NZSL and about Deaf Culture.

Something we are really proud of is that our school signs the national anthem while singing in Maori and English.

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Meet our “#Oresome” LH5 Team

Abby Francis
Abby FrancisLearning Coach
Abby completed a bachelor of Education in 2010. She is enthusiastic about being apart of a play based learning habitat. She has been teaching for the last five years. Coming from an ECE background, play based learning is a pedagogy she values. Abby starting working for Kelston Deaf Education Centre last year. She looks forward to learning and growing alongside the children.

This year Abby will be attending University part time as she was awarded a scholarship to further her studies specialising in teaching Deaf and Hard of Hearing student. In her spare time, Abby enjoys reading, crafting, walking and spending time with her family.

Kaori Kobayashi
Kaori KobayashiSenior Learning Coach LH5
Kaori is the senior teacher for the Deaf Provision at Ormiston Primary School, employed by Kelston Deaf Education Centre (KDEC). As a qualified Teacher of the Deaf who also holds a certificate in Teaching NZSL and Deaf Studies, Kaori is in a great position to adapt the curriculum to meet the specialised needs of Ormiston’s Deaf learners. She enjoys combining curriculum knowledge with Deaf cultural knowledge to help Deaf students flourish and achieve their full potential.

As a Deaf person herself, Kaori is a great role model for Deaf learners. She leads by example with her “can do” attitude and continues to work hard to improve her skills and achieve higher goals, hoping to set a positive model for Deaf learners to follow. Kaori is passionate about Deaf culture and is looking forward to sharing this and her knowledge of NZSL with the Ormiston Primary School community.

Delys Magill
Delys MagillNZSL Interpreter
Delys works at Ormiston Primary School as an educational interpreter employed by Kelston Deaf Education Centre to provide curriculum access to the deaf students in New Zealand Sign Language.
Janice Taylor
Janice TaylorLearning Coach
Janice has been teaching for 6 years. She started her teaching career in an Intermediate school before coming to Ormiston Primary School. Janice further developed her studies by attending Auckland University studying part time in the Graduate Diploma of TESSOL course which she has completed successfully and graduated. She sent herself to night school to learn NZSL many years ago before being employed by Kelston Deaf Education Centre (KDEC) some 10 years ago. She started working again with KDEC in 2014 as a reliever and is now working full time and attending University where she was awarded a scholarship to further her studies in specialising in teaching Deaf and Hearing Impaired students. Supporting and implementing school initiatives as a tool to improve student learning and achievement has challenged her career and furthered her own education.

In Janice’s spare time she loves to fish on her boat and spend quality time at home. She also enjoys spending time with her daughter who is also a teacher.

Aotearoa Villi
Aotearoa VilliEducative Assistant
Aotearoa graduated with a certificate in Deaf Studies from AUT in the year 2014. She also studied for English for one year at AUT. She was employed by KEDC as an Educational Assistant and was placed at Papatoetoe East Primary School, were when worked with primarily with the Deaf children in the Deaf Unit.

Since joining OPS staff she has found that the full emersion style of teaching is more productive to the students education and has allowed her to share her knowledge of sign language and Deaf Culture with the staff and students alike. She enjoys learning the PB4L strategies and using them with both Deaf and hearing students. Aotearoa is interested is sharing her experience and developing new experiences with the staff and students here at OPS.

Diane Wilford
Diane WilfordEducative Assistant
Diane completed a Certificate in Educational Support (teacher aide ) certificate in 2002. She was employed through KDEC as a reliving Educational Asssistant in Term 3 of 2014 at Papatoetoe East Primary school before moving and obtaining full time employment last year with KDEC at Ormiston Primary school with the deaf children. Since working at Ormiston Primary school she has learnt a lot about NZSL and deaf culture.
This is also helping her improve her sign language to communicate to the Deaf students.

In her spare time she enjoys playing her drum in a pipe band, reading, going for walks.