We are conscious about developing a culture of sustainability and creating sustaining connections with our community.

In building OrmPS we have achieved a Green Star Rating (see their website for more details).

While we await support from Enviroschools, our Co-curricular leaders Mrs. Remington and Mr. Hattie will be working hard to support our learners at incorporating green initiatives within our OrmPS curriculum.

“Sustainability is something everyone can work towards… whether it is picking up rubbish you see on the street or boycotting a company that practices environmentally harmful business methods, we CAN all make a difference.” ~ unknown 

Our school is also a Travelwise school that includes the Walking School Bus (WSB) initiative (see their website for more details).

Please contact if you are interested in coordinating a WSB.

We believe our school and community are a true partnership. We want our young people to gain skills, knowledge and experiences to design and create their community with sustainable, ‘clean and green’ values.