Arts, music & culture

Visual and performing arts will be integrated into our iExplore and iExperience learning blocks as appropriate.

Mrs. Kamsteeg and Miss Morgan will lead our Arts programme – connecting with our community wherever possible. Because we are new, we are responsive to the needs of our learners and strive to provide many opportunities where they can experience a range of music, cultural, arts and other co-curricular activities.

Playing a musical instrument enhances a child’s creative thinking process

We have a variety of musical instruments and digital technologies that our learners can use to create their own music. Mrs. Kamsteeg and Miss Morgan have heaps of experience with the arts and look forward to nurturing our budding musicians, artists and actors. We will be having events throughout the year for our learners to showcase their talents.

Dramatic play and acting will be an integral part of demonstrating learning in our MediaSpace.

In addition, we have some exciting school-wide art projects planned for our very special inaugural 2015 learners which will include a mosaic, a mural and an awesome koru post display for our playground. The learners will be the creators of these projects and will enjoy them for years to come!

We are also looking forward to getting involved with our local Iwi to learn more about our area and participating in the Spring Festival at our local Buddhist temple.


Experiences in art, music and drama helps learners deal with both success and failure, as well as to develop leadership, resilience and the key competencies.