In 2015, Ormiston Primary School opened with learners in Year 1-6.  Our first stage build will have the capacity for 375 learners and once the building of our second phase stage is complete the school will accommodate 700 learners.

The enrolment process involves four parts and all are required to be completed for the successful enrolment for each child (see right).

For more Enrolment Information you may access the booklet here.  If you have any questions, please contact the Office Administrator by phone on 09 253 9020 or by email at admin@ormistonprimary.school.nz 

Online Family Information Form – please complete this form – one per family

Enrolment Form– please print and complete this form, one for each child, or alternatively collect a form from our reception area.

***This form and other documentation should be brought with you to your family meeting.

A Family Meeting with the Leader of Learning is required – please email admin@ormistonprimary.school.nz and indicate your preferred times and days of the week for your family meeting.

School Visits – for New Learners this will be available to learners. These will be arranged at the enrolment interview. Typically, new learners starting school have two half day school visits. The school visits take place on Wednesday mornings. (see Step 3).

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Enrolment Zone

As a new school the Ministry of Education has allocated OrmPS with an explicit zone (see map).  All learners living within the zone are eligible to enrol. Unfortunately, out of zone enrolments are not being accepted at this time.  If you are in zone please enrol now for 2015.

walking bus

Getting to school

OrmPS has a relatively compact zone.  We are a Travelwise school which means we are continuously working to improve road safety and reduce vehicle numbers .  We also have a  community lead Walking School Bus programme.


Our Uniform

We are working in partnership with Argyle Schoolwear for our school uniforms.  Argyle Schoolwear is a local company who manufacture high quality uniforms here in New Zealand. For prices and to order our uniform please click the link at the bottom of this page.


Ormi Kids – Our After School Care

Ormi Kids is a brand new OSCAR programme which has been set up to serve the students and families of Ormiston Primary School. The curriculum is multidisciplinary and will engage, inspire and excite your child.


Fees & Donations

From time to time the Board of Trustees sets the level of the school donation and advertises it to parents.

The amount is set as part of the Board’s Annual Budget preparation.  The school could not operate without this donation.