Adult English Language classes at OrmPS.

English Language classes have started for  term 2. We had originally signed up 16 adults prior to the commencement of this term. On the first session 23 adults attended with a further 7 extra signups. Julia Castle the Leader of Language Partners NZ who are supplying tertiary qualified tutors was also in attendance and asked if Ormiston Primary could provide an extra room a group of this size with many quite high needs would need to be broken down into two groups. These classes will continue throughout the term on a Wednesday and Friday morning from 9.30am to 11.30am. The interest in these sessions continue to grow. There is another tutor being sought out for the second group as we speak. The student social workers were also in attendance as one speaks mandarin and cantonese. The social workers have carried out most of the signups on site. The tutor, June Tupua is accessing the use of the wifi and projector too and has complimented the facility as being “world class”. If you know any adults that may need some english tutoring, ask them to consider signing up for these classes.